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Frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy

If your item doesn't fit or the style doesn't work for you we would be more than happy to exchange your item for one you can love & wear! 

Returns & Exchanges must be initiated and shipped within 30 days of delivery.

To initiate your return/exchange please email and include your order number and the reason for your request. 

As a small business, we do not have contracts with shipping partners to process returns. Customers will be responsible for shipping their return to the address provided over email.

Washing Instructions

All of our custom jackets are machine washable, avoid hang drying or drying on high heat, a low to medium temperature dryer cycle is recommended.

Tiktok Shop Purchases

Due to TikTok Shop policy, any purchases made through TikTok may only be returned or exchanged directly through Tiktok shop per their policy.

Event Fees

Our fee varies depending on the details of your event. We also waive fees on a case by case basis.

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